GPU tool for Windows and Linux
... and Raspberry Pi + macOS

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GpuMagick is a free video card and graphics processor (GPU) utility for Windows and Linux platforms.

You can use GpuMagick to stress test or to benchmark your graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce, AMD Radeon or Intel UHD Graphics / Iris Xe). GpuMagick comes with several OpenGL and Vulkan stress tests and demos including FurMark, TessMark and more. All graphics tests can be launched from a simple graphical user interface.

You can also use GpuMagick in command line to quickly retrieve GPU (codename, shader cores, driver, clock speeds) and 3D APIs (OpenGL, Vulkan, CUDA, openCL, Direct3D) information or to launch demos or benchmarks using batch files.

GpuMagick can submit your benchmark score (preset only) to an online database. All scores are available HERE.